American Architecture

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American Architecture

When you take a trip across the country and you start to look for beautiful architecture you will find it from coast to coast. You will notice that most of the architecture of America is mostly predominate of the 1780’s.

Many wealthy early American settlers like the Anglo-Americans built the structures.
Built mostly by wealthy Anglo Americans, the houses afforded several distinct styles depending on local. Also known as Colonial Georgian, these homes were the earliest style to grace the U.S. colonies.

A good example of American colonial architecture happens to be the Saltbox. What the Saltbox basically is is a wooden frame house with a high-pitched roof that slopes down to the back.

It basically is two stories and the back of the house only has one story. This makes the sides very unequal, but it looks much like a saltbox, which basically was a wooden boxed building where you kept your salt.

The saltbox is a simple style of home, but it also has a simple name. Generally, the chimney was centrally located, making the house, from a distance, look like a box with a lid and handle to lift it off.

Other defining characteristics of American Colonial architecture are the square, symmetrical shape, the front door placed directly in the middle of the houses front and the even, straight line of windows throughout.

Once you are inside there is usually an entryway and then a staircase. You will find that when it comes to rooms, they will branch off from the entryway. When it comes to the homes like saltboxes, they are just timber-framed homes constructed with woodwork joints, because metal nails are too costly. You will find that saltbox homes will also have a wood siding to finish off the home.

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