Asbestos Siding

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Asbestos Siding

Heard about asbestos siding? You probably have installed this material in your home, or you have a friend who has used asbestos as sidings for his or her home. Whatever made you aware of this home building tool, asbestos siding has been around for years now. Yes, hundreds of developers, planners and homeowners in the United States and other parts of the world have already used asbestos siding for their own properties and it’s interesting to know that its popularity is still continually growing despite all the challenges that occur in the asbestos industries.

Asbestos siding was first extensively used in homes and buildings between the 1930s and 1970s. Thousands of homes in the United States have considered this material during those years and even onwards. However, the use of asbestos for home construction came to a sudden stop when certain researches have found out that the material poses damaging effects to the human health. Many have said that asbestos once inhaled by the people can cause damage to the person’s health. It can cause serious health problems such as asbestosis (scarring of the lungs), lung cancer and mesothelioma (cancer of the abdominal cavity and chest lining).

However, many of those who are in the construction and health industry have said that asbestos siding can only cause those health risks when the sidings themselves are not properly installed, allowing its fibers to stay active in the air that people breathe. It is for this reason that many of those who want to install asbestos siding in their own properties are strongly advised to consult a professional’s help before doing the installation by themselves. It is also for this reason that careful check ups are typically considered to make sure that the asbestos fibers used for the sidings are tightly enclosed in a marketed product.

There are a number of reasons that asbestos siding is considered by people despite its possible health risks. One of the most common reasons is that unlike the other siding materials, asbestos is more durable and has the capability to resist fire. Yes, when it is added to the siding material, it helps to increase the durability, as well as strength of the building material, while giving the home structure a capability to stand with fire. In addition, asbestos doesn’t need to be painted with expensive paints. A latex paint can do to seal its harmful materials from exposure and it can help enhance the looks of your siding. And, much to your surprise, asbestos siding can be removed easily and completely, provided that you take extra precaution when doing the job.

Note that if you have installed asbestos siding on your home, check it for replacement or repair. This is important to lessen the health risks associated with it. If you don’t know how to replace or repair the materials, then there’s no other better move to take than to use a professional’s help. There are a number of asbestos removal groups ready to help make your home asbestos free, after all.

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