Hardy Plank Siding

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Hardy Plank Siding

Thousands of homes in North and South America are now using a new generation of engineered cement siding known as “Hardy Plank”. It is now becoming one of the most popular alternatives to vinyl and wood siding, and it is proven to deliver an unmatched strength and durability.

The Hardy Plank siding is also known by the name “Hardie siding”. It is so called for the fact that it was developed by James Hardie in Australia to provide the Australian households a better option to wood and vinyl sidings. Although the Australia is the first country to appreciate the its worth, the Hardy Plank siding later became popular worldwide with more and more homeowners and developers recognizing the benefits the Hardy Plank can give.

In appearance, the Hardy Plank siding looks like a natural wood. It bears the exact resemblances of wood siding, including its grain and texture. However, there is more to Hardy Plank than its being similar in appearance to wood. According to several claims, this new alternative is resistant to all the wears and tears brought by extreme climates. It is resistant to water, fire, and doesn’t even rot and warp. It is also resistant to termites and insects, making your home free from those damaging creatures.

Aside from that, the Hardy Plank siding is designed and built with the capability to retain paint in a much longer period than that of wood. What’s more interesting to know about this new option is that it can retain paint without peeling. However, if you want to keep its natural appearance, painting can be out of the topic. Painting is not a big deal for Hardy Plank as it already appears attractive even without the paint.

However, just like the rest of the siding types, Hardy Plank needs to be installed properly and carefully. The good news is that its installation is so easy. All you need to do is to prepare everything that you may need, including the tools, the surface, and of course your time and effort. The maintenance is even easy. You can clean your Hardy Plank siding even with the use of your garden hose. Well, if you want to maintain its appealing beauty for years, proper maintenance is a must. Just do the cleaning regularly.

Today, with all the great benefits of using Hardy Plank siding, the product is now marketed and highly valued in the world market. It now comes in a number of size and shape, and what’s nicer to know is that manufacturers of Hardy Plank are now offering it in a variety of colors. You can choose from the traditional pastel colors to the best color combinations of today’s trend. They are even marketed at pretty reasonable prices, and of course, with warranties.

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