The Advantages of James Hardie Siding Products

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The Advantages of James Hardie Siding Products

One name that stands out in the fiber-cement siding industry is James Hardie siding. Its operations cover the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Asia has also enjoyed the product lines of James Hardie siding as they have a manufacturing plant in the Philippines.

James Hardie siding products are a result of the company’s drive to be number one in the fiber-cement industry. They boast of their leadership in terms of the quality of their products, and the manufacturing techniques and technologies employed in their plants.

Innovation has been the key for the success and popularity of James Hardie siding products – as investments on R & D (Research and Development) have been made – to come up with the manufacturing techniques and processes that are efficient and would result to the desired quality siding products the consumers have continually enjoyed up to now.

A comparison on James Hardie siding products with that of vinyl products would show that the former is non-combustible unlike the vinyl products that will melt and even burn when exposed to substantial heat. This is why James Hardie siding products are approved for fire-rated construction.

In terms of color flexibility, James Hardie siding products can be painted with any desired color the consumer wants. It even claims to last longer than paint in wood and is less prone to fading as compared to vinyl products. With wood siding as well, the paint is prone to delaminate when exposed to water and moisture.

James Hardie siding products are strong and weather resistant, and can take on even the worst climates nature could give out. Vinyl siding on the other hand becomes brittle in cold weather and may be damaged with flying debris during violent storms & the like.

Also, wood siding is prone to rotting and decay. Unlike James Hardie siding products, one will have no problem with such issues.

It is worthy for one to check out the James Hardie siding products available in the market. Checking their website at would give you more information on the advantages of using their products on your homes. They can be contacted for any inquiry regarding their products, either thru phone or thru email.

Considering a James Hardie siding product for your home use may be a good idea. Find out and learn more whether their products suit your needs – the James Hardie siding product lines may just work well for you.

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