You want the best for your family and providing the best should start with your home

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You want the best for your family and providing the best should start with your home

For years, I wanted a new kitchen floor. I hated the old, run down look of the vinyl flooring that I had been staring at for nearly a decade. This outdated floor was—and I’m not kidding—yellow and grey. I was in desperate need to get my hands on discount laminate flooring so I could be rid of the hideous kitchen floor for good.

You may think that my quest for affordable discount laminate flooring was a little overboard. How bad can a kitchen floor be? Couldn’t I just wait until we saved up enough money to get the good stuff? Well, no. I couldn’t wait. I had to get discount laminate flooring to fit our budget.

I honestly couldn’t wait anymore. It had been eight years since we moved into our home. Of course, this place was a real do-it-yourself fixer-upper but I fell in love with each and every room. That is, except for some elements that were in desperate need of—well—being thrown in the garbage. The kitchen floors were on the top of the list.

You know how things go with home renovation projects. You have to delve into the projects that need immediate attention. I waited for discount laminate flooring through various adventures including new siding, a new deck and other must-haves like a new septic system.

Okay, so the new siding was a must because the old stuff was literally falling off. We also had to put on a deck because the front door opened to a clear drop to the ground. Heaven knows what happened to the original porch. And the septic system…well, you know. My discount laminate flooring was just on the bottom of the list.

However, I got through the other projects and it was time for my new kitchen floors. No more canary yellow and corpse-grey floors. Then I got the news that new floors just weren’t in the budget. I had to end that as soon as possible to get things moving.

Since I didn’t see myself winning the lottery any time soon, I decided to shop for discount laminate flooring. And the results? I got a new floor for a great price. In fact, I could afford to laminate my bathroom as well with the money I saved.

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